Aubrey Plaza

The Unpopular Vote Vol. 2 - Side A


Over a truly rare instrumental from the group 7A3 (a group which included a very young, soon-to-be legendary producer DJ Muggs), PREZZY flips their original 1988 non-album cut, “Why?” into “Aubrey Plaza”, for the first release off his mixtape, “the unPopular Vote, Vol. 2”. The video takes inspiration from many old school rap videos, featuring elements such as Pop-Up Lyrics, In-Studio Performance Footage, Robots, and Color Warping. The song was written shortly after PREZZY suffered a devastating car accident. He had undergone several surgeries and various therapies in his attempts to recover, which informs much of the song’s hook. The title of the song comes from one specific lyric in the first verse, stemming from PREZZY discovering the actress and her brand of dry humor during his convalescence, and enjoying it significantly more than the music of certain pop stars that share the same first name 😉

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