The Bad Guy

the unPopular Vote, Vol. 2


Over the instrumental from “Likwit” (by tha Alkaholiks) PREZZY gets comfortable over classic West Coast production, continuing to flex sonic versatility in this fun, “90s Pro Wrestling” influenced visual offering. It’s called, “the Bad Guy”, and it’s off “the unPopular Vote, Vol. 2”, via Heard Records.

“The influence of Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon in this video is far from subtle. The song was recorded around the time he passed, and I knew from jump what the video needed to look like. I have to give a TON of credit to my partner Domincello, because he wasn’t a big pro wrestling fan as a kid. But I showed him the old Razor vignettes and my idea for the video, and we were able to basically freestyle/guerilla style shoot the entire thing down in Tampa one afternoon. One word to sum up this song and video is “Fun”, and I think that comes across in the finished product.” -PRZ

Mixed/Mastered By Domincello at DAP Studios

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