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Inaugural Balls Tape Review

I’ve been fortunate enough to follow the last 4 years of PREZZY’s career. 4 years ago he submitted some music to my podcast for a underground Hip-hop tournament that I was hosting for my show.
My cohost back then had already been a fan of PREZZY and he was the one who had submitted his work to the contest. I have to admit, at first I was turned off to this guy because of how much my cohost was ranting and raving about his talent. Immediately that turned me off cause let’s face it, I didn’t know who he was and my thought process was ,” ya who’s this guy??? ” “He’s that good??” “Ya he probably sucks because I don’t know who he is” . So I went in already sour on the thought of PREZZY and his work.
Once we played him on our show, I did a complete 180. This was a sound that used to be prominent in our genre but had been lost over the years. This was that east coast NY sound that I grew up listening to. I was completely hooked. Powers ended up winning that tournament and inevitably we became fast friends.

Nicky Starz
Nicky Scarz

Fast forward to today and anytime he comes up with music, he sends it to me, even before its released. A lot of times I’ll compare the “now” to the past and see the evolution of artists that I like. With PREZZY, I was excited to do that cause I kinda been on the journey with him as he was creating this album.
I hadn’t heard every song but I got a sneak peak of a few. First thing I noticed this time around was the fact that you can download the lyrics, the album cover and the 19 page booklet. To me that’s professional and shows that he and his team went the extra mile in producing the album. The art for the cover, was also great quality.. (I especially liked the Kanye and Trump pictures with the x in their eyes lol) The art is important cause it sets the tone on the type of album/mixtape your about to listen to. It’s almost like a trailer for a film. I was happy that he still had that raw flow with great punchlines once I started listening. (The bird brain parakeet Metaphor hit me right in the beginning of the first song) and I knew what I was in store for.
The difference however was on this album, they upped the production quality. What a difference and for the positive. It bumps in my car way better then 4 years ago and way better then even the music he was putting out a year or 2 ago. Now we’re cooking. There is also alot of paying tribute to those who paved the way for us such as the Wu-tang clan and Biggie Smalls. (See the Quarantine Commandments and 95 Wu) The Hurt Business was a tribute to the WWE Wrestling faction “the Hurt Business” and that song goes hard while showing them love so to me (being a wrestling fan) that brings the best of both worlds. I hope those guys got to hear the song. The Quarantine Commandments will teach you how to quarantine during a pandemic so , you can get educated on this song even if you don’t like rap music!!. How is that a bad thing?

  • Mr. President - PREZZY, Joey Handsome
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The beats are all top quality as well on this album. I think my favorite song however is ” Mr President ” especially with the blended hook between Joey Handsome and the female artist singing on it. Ladies and gentlemen if your a fan of Roddy Rich, or Kevin gates, this album isn’t for you. But if your looking for that raw Boom Bap hard NY sound that’s been missing for so many years, THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU!!.. My name is Nicky Scarz and I am a Hip-hop artist /Actor. You can find me at www.nickyscarz.bandcamp as well as Nicky Scarz on IMDB. I truly love this album. 5 stars

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